St Patricks Church Patrington

The building

There is evidence of a previous structure, including the base of the north-west pillar of the nave, which clearly predates the 14th century construction, but little information as to its size and detail.


Building the Queen of Holderness

1310 Building of the church started

1349 Work halted due to the Black Death

c1410 Work completed with the construction of the corona and spire.

The cruciform building is an excellent example of the decorated Gothic architectural period. An added enhancement is that there have been no building additions through the years. The spire has for many centuries been used as a navigation aid for ships entering and leaving the Humber. The octagonal corona on top of the tower forms a beautiful crown around the base of the spire. A feature of the spire is that there are no internal struts or supports.

The principal masons responsible for the work were from a famous family of local masons called de Patrington. William worked at Westminster between 1351 and 1358. Ralph and Robert worked at York.  Robert de Patrington senior was master mason in York in 1369 and it is generally thought that the design of St Patricks was a forerunner of the building of York Minster. There are very similar carvings of capitals in the nave at St Patricks and the capitals and bosses in the Choir at the Minster. There are many mason marks in the church, especially in the porch as you enter. Each mason had his own mark, which he would carve into stones on which he had worked.

Both transepts originally had three altars against their eastern walls. Now there is the Lady Chapel in the south transept dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary and the chapel of the Holy Cross in the north transept.The South transept abd Lady chapel






Total external length    150ft (45.7m)                 Total external breadth  90ft (27.4m)

Height to ridges              45ft (13.7m)               Height of tower            80ft (24.4m)

Height to weathercock 189ft (57.6m)                Height above sea level 60ft (18.3m).


Other points of interest:

The Easter Sepulchre                                               The high altar reredos

Easter Sepulchre             The high altar reredos








                                                           The font


You are never alone in our church as there are over 200 faces of people, animals and grotesques looking down at you from the walls  and arches.

If you would like to see more pictures of our church, please visit the picture gallery on this website.


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